Selby Style

Selby Style, LLC is a wardrobe styling and fashion consulting company founded by Stephanie Selby. It is Stephanie's love of fashion, design, beauty and self-exploration that fueled the creation of her company. 
Selby Style's chief aim is to help women and men bring to reality a style and wardrobe that is uniquely their own and to which reflects the beauty they have within to the outside world.  This is done through a special process that is fun and engaging.  

The end result being a wardrobe that makes each client smile! 

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Stephanie Selby
Wardrobe Stylist * Fashion Therapist

Stephanie holds a BA/BS from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. Her passion for learning, creating and exploring is evident in the subjects she studied: 
marketing, interior architecture, psychology and business. 

Yet, it wasn't until she interned in the buying office of one of the most respected and recognized boutiques in the fashion industry, Capitol, that she fell in love with fashion. It was there that she began to see fashion as an art-form and way to creatively express oneself, thus allowing her to tie in her curiosity about human behavior with fashion. 

Having this fire ignited within, she set off to study fashion in London, which is one of the most influential and forward-thinking countries there is, in terms of fashion. There she studied trend-forecasting from a practicing designer and more informally she absorbed the style of the city's daily life. The individuality, creativity and lack of restraint in self-expression was inspiring and life-changing. Further, she gained more experience in the industry in various internships in buying offices and designer showrooms. 

With this unique perspective and skill-set, she is able to apply her passion and knowledge to assist clients with their concerns that most stylists are unable to identify and solve. Instead of transforming every client into what the media says is the way they should look, she taps into what suits them and accentuates their assets and lifestyle best.

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