Style Testimony

What value can a wardrobe stylist actually add to your life?
This client was kind enough to share her thoughts on her Selby Style experience...

*She swore to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Style Maven Testimony
  1. Which Selby Style service has benefited you the most and why?

"I tried very hard to pick just one, but couldn’t!"  

Wardrobe Cleanse

"It was an AMAZING experience to finally get rid of the things I simply “put on” every day.  I kept the pieces I loved and the items that would “style” me, instead of just “cover” me.  I have to say I had a ton of fear around this part.  When I saw how much I was letting go of, I immediately panicked.  But WOW!  Now when I walk into my closet, I know it’s full of clothing that makes me feel like a million bucks.  It’s about the quality, not the quantity.   The best part is, Selby Style made sure that the clothing I was getting rid of found a good home – either through donation or by selling it to a consignment shop to in turn build up my wardrobe wallet for additional items to make my new wardrobe complete!"  

Shopping Day

"Talk about feeling like a queen for the day!  I had my very own Selby Stylist who had already taken the time to get to know me and my style wishes to help me navigate through the store and select the items that best fit both my body and my style mantra.  She had done her research, knew what staples were missing from my closet, and had a game plan to make the most out of our time together.  It was the most efficient shopping trip I have ever been on!  It was such a nice change to not have a salesperson hounding me or saying “I think that looks great” and “I have that same shirt in red and love it” every time I tried something on.  She was able to show me how pieces could fit together.  I wasn’t buying a “shirt”, I was buying a piece that could be used to put together about 5 different 'looks'. " 

"That’s a lot of bang for the buck!"

Wardrobe Creations
"This was where it all came together.  I got to have my Selby Stylist in my house and show me all the different combinations I could put together using the items that were in my closet.  This part was key for me as I was often thinking “I wish she was here to tell me what to wear”.  Well, I now had my “look book” to refer to and once I got into my groove, was able to even build on what I had learned from our time together." 
"I feel like I truly transformed into a ‘Style Maven’!"  

  1. What made you choose Selby Style instead of another stylist or simply do it yourself?

"I’m lucky because I know my Selby Stylist personally.  I hadn’t thought I needed this type of service.  After all, I always thought I “looked” good and got compliments on my clothes.  But after this experience, I “feel” good and I can’t put a price tag on that!  I had the problem of always seeing a woman with great style and wishing I could look like that.  I would ask her where she bought her clothes and then buy the same pieces.  The problem was, I was simply trying to look like someone else without trying to figure out who I wanted to be or what my style was."  

"Now, I know who I am, wear it proudly and am the one asked where I shop

…and it feels great!"

  1. What did you learn about yourself and how have you evolved through using Selby Style services?

"This experience has built up such an amazing amount of self-confidence.  The process didn’t just change my wardrobe, but actually impacted the way I think about myself and how I present myself to others!  I’m not sure if other stylists operate in the same fashion, but even though she knew me before, she still took the time to get to know my style.  She helped me initiate a beautiful process of self-exploration – something I wasn’t looking for when I set out on this journey, but what a blessing it was!"

  1. How would you describe Stephanie as a stylist? Does she push her own tastes onto you?

"Stephanie was wonderful!  I figured a stylist just sets out to make you either (a) look just like them or (b) cloth you in pieces that they like or have seen in a magazine – simply using you as a doll for playing “dress up”.  I never once felt that way with Stephanie.  In fact, she often had to remind me of my personal style mantra when she felt I was getting off track or looking for something she didn’t think would suit me!  I was able to be honest with her if I wasn’t comfortable in something.  She’d listen and then ask questions we could re-assess and make different selections moving forward.  She didn’t “push” anything on me, but 
"she certainly “pulled” a lot out of me that I never knew existed."  
For that, I am forever grateful and will continue both use her services and sing her praise!"

-31 year old female, Project Manager, & STYLE MAVEN!