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I could spend days in this antique -mall? I suppose that is what you would call it. 
There must be over 100 separate vendors in one huge open area! 
Now that I have a place of my own to style however I please,
 the world (aka: Sleepy Poet), is my oyster!

This lightly plum colored chair has CLAWS!
I mean, come on, this is a must!!

Though, I say the world is my oyster, this is isn't entirely true. 
I do have quite the STYLISTA DILEMMA.
My cute little townhome has some amazingly 80's features-
 window-seat, built-in bookcases, skylight. 
However, it also has... 


I choose to see this as a challenge, though, and feel
 I have been able to conquer what I thought stylistically impossible!

*of course, there is more work and neurotic obsessing to do, always.

Here is a little piece of the wearable items at Sleepy Poet.
They are also known for unique old-school T-shirts and boots!

Now, I did actually go there with a work purpose...

I needed to find somewhere to consign python cowboy boots for one of my man clients...

This little gem is connected to Sleepy Poet and the lucky ones who have the boots! 
So, if you need a pair of cowboy boots with a little twist, look no further!

They also had a Coach purse that is now on my Spring LUST LIST

Don't worry, they had bags and shoes for the more conservative as well. 
Between the two shops, I'm not sure there was anything they didn't have!




After visually taking in practically everything Capitol had to offer on their first floor, I made my way up to the main event...


 Irene Neuwirth regularly has trunk shows at Capitol. She is a long time friend of Capitol's owner, Laura Vinroot Poole. Her exclusive collections are featured in Vogue and worn by the most stylish celebrities, such as Reese Witherspoon and Charlize Theron.  

Her designs are impeccable, her colors are invigorating and her gems are raw. 
She gets inspiration from the ocean, which is easily found throughout the fluidity of all of her collections.

A few of my favorites are featured below-




Photos courtesy of Irene Neuwirth Jewelry

To see more amazing colors, cuts and designs, check out her website: Irene Neuwirth




A window display can speak volumes...


Capitol is in a class of its own regarding fashion in the South. If there is new talent or a new designer line- they know it - and already carry it!
However, what is impressive to me is that this isn't something they would tell you, advertise, or even something they seem to do with intention.
Instead, Capitol is fueled by curiosity, passion and authenticity.

It was an internship there that ignited my love affair with fashion.
I grew up intrigued by the industry, yet I held back because I believed the messages from our culture: that it was vein and superficial. Fashion as a whole seemed threatening
because of all the "do's and don't" rules and 'faux pas'. However,  it was the women of Capitol who taught me that fashion is simply an art-form and amazingly entertaining creative endeavor.

I love how they pulled this pajama trend and turned
 it into an amazingly modern and sophisticated look.

I practically picked this little lady up and took her home with me!

When I finally freed myself from the fashion "rules" and limitations that were stuck in my head, was when it became fun and fulfilling. I believe that is why Capitol's displays are always so eye-catching. They create them with no reservations. 
What beliefs do you hold onto that might be holding you back - in any area? 

I did finally make it upstairs to see the trunk show I had come to see. So many beautiful distractions!
Sure enough, Irene Neuwirth managed to amaze me with her latest creations - 
look for 'Capitol: Part II' later this week to see pictures of my favorite pieces. 





This little consignment boutique, J.T. Posh, which is tucked away near Freedom Park in Charlotte, NC is a fashion lover's dream come true! 

High-end, modern designers at a fraction of the cost. 
Or, as I can surely tell you - a great place to make a little extra money from what is just hanging out and being ignored in your wardrobe. 
My clients keep J.T. Posh and I very close...
They are good friends to have!



Bernie Demore

  My very, very favorite JT stumble -
Elizabeth and James purple jumper.
       I am completely in love! Is it Spring, yet?

The jewelry is simply amazing and an amazing price point!
Black gems are my favorite - this week, anyway.

TIP - You have to be quick with anything you find here - they get snatched up fast! 
I'm sure you can see why. 




I have met some amazingly talented, creative and stylish people along my path in the pursuit of fashion. You would expect them to be snobby, arrogant or what-have-you...

 However,  big hearts and remarkable spirits are all that I have found.

My London buddy, Alyssa, is a prime example...

Follow her blog for beautiful photos and style inspiration: Glam and Fashionable




Tailored pieces are always a go-to for me,
I like the feeling of strength they give me.
 That, and they are advantageous if you are not exactly overflowing from the chest area or rear.
The one pictured above is extra special because of the candy pink shade it comes in.
A little fun and femininity always makes for a good time.
I am thinking this would be perfect for a New Year's bash!
                                   - suit by Emilio Pucci - top by Simeon Farrar for Japan -pumps by Charlotte Olympia

or take a more relaxed route...

-dress by Elizabeth and James - earrings by -clutch by Lanvin
 -pumps by Roberto Cavalli - clutch by Charlotte Olympia

Dressing for these special occasions is about you, your style, your mood. 
My clients ask me all of the time if this is "out or in". My response is 

"Who cares! Do you like it? Does it make you feel good?" 

Fashion is art in motion, self-expression without words.
Don't ever let anyone tell you that you are "out" or "in".
If they do, they have lost the point.

Let go and set your style free!