Each week I feature someone who stands tall and is always distinct from the rest. 
There are those who set out to do this intentionally,
 and then there are those who just...


People come and go. This is a basic fact of life that you catch onto and grow accustomed to more and more as you get older. Some people you miss and wish were still a part of your life, but then there are the rare few that stay by your side. 


I have come to find they are beyond a rare and precious find.
Especially, for someone like me who can be quite fiery, impulsive, and a touch opinionated.

For me, having Tremont Music Hall's front-runner, Lisa Barr, as a friend by my side through it all has meant the world to me.
Ever since the day we first shopped for old grunge-style T's at Goodwill while skipping Algebra class, she has been that rare and precious kind...

I can hardly believe this little lady has grown up to be the music industry maven that she is. 
She has been responsible for keeping one of Charlotte, North Carolina's music venues alive and kicking with phenomenal indie-bands for nearly the past decade. 

Lisa still loves her grunge T's

She has added quite the accessory - the sarcastic, charming and musically-gifted, lead singer from
the band The O'Getters.
Or, as we like to call him - KEVY.
I have grown quite fond of him, as well ...and do love to use him as an accessory too!

What strikes me about Lisa is her honesty, authenticity, open-mindedness, and compassion. She is always open to new people and places, where others might tear them down.

She has a tough side too. 
You would have to, to manage the rocker boys that come in and out 
of Tremont to play music. 
...and she certainly does.
 She will even give it to me when I need a good dose of reality (quite often, actually).

When I meet with clients the first thing we do is go through a questionnaire, 

which is meant to help me get to know their personality, passions, uniqueness and quirks. 
This is by far my favorite part in the whole process. I love to learn about 
people, what drives them and what has made them who they are.

So, what might she answer to my special questions? She certainly has personal style. Part of what I love about her is that she makes no apologies for who she is. 

She just is.

What gives you Passion and inspires you in life?

Music, first and foremost. Since I was a kid, music was more important to me than any other form of expression. Other inspirations: meaningful conversations and friendships.

Give me three words that describe your personal stye:

Eclectic, Brave, Genuine

What experiences in life have most shaped who you are?

 First hearing Appetite For Destruction when I was 6. 
Travelling to other countries. 
Driving solo across the US at age 20.

It should be noted that Lisa is also quite the photographer and has been talent behind 
most of Selby Style's photoshoots.

Scouting location for a photoshoot. This time she is in FRONT of the camera.
What a natural!

Lisa giving me a big smile on her 30th..

I can't wait to spend another 30 together.