I love ANTIQUING.   



Whatever you would like to call it, I LOVE IT!

$55 for this pastel pink beauty!

It's like a game I play with my mind (and wallet!) to see how creative it can be. There is something about digging through a whole lot of 'stuff' only to find your UNIQUE treasure. For me, it's the challenge of finding something awesome that has probably been looked over by thousands of people, but maybe they just didn't picture what you could do with it. This happens a lot with my clients when they look at one piece of clothing instead of imagining what we will create with it. Last season I brought this vest-sweater-wrap thing (still unsure of what you would call it!) that was nude in color to a client. She did not get it because she was only looking at IT and not the possibilities. A piece like that turns the mundane into an outfit. To them, it is simple fact. It is what it is (I surely need their minds when budgeting or preparing documents!)

 BLUE Egyptian chandelier. I am in love! 
Anyway, I am a regular at The Buffalo Exchange in Plaza/Midwood where I take my client's wardrobe purges. It also happens to be situated right next to one of my favorite antique stores...

le chic!
I have spent quite a bit of time there at this point, as there is usually a line at the Buffalo Exchange. Recently, I decided I would simply have to share my favorite finds with my lovely followers...

It is such an unusual piece and just so happens that the baby blue color goes with the flow
 of the navy carpet that I have inherited.

$38 for these vintage wall lights - a little touch of vintage chic!

He has tons of these old shutters that you could do so many different things with!

$65 for this amazing mustardy velvet vintage chair
$28 for the mirror!

 Given that I have been on a mission to decorate my patio, I spent quite a bit of time checking out the outside furniture options and there were a TON!!

I might be the only one who would use this outside, but regardless a vintage massage table is a cool find and a perfect place to practice Pilates in style!

$145 for the whole set


We might have found a friend for our super Selby Style mascot, Vanessa!

*Plus, Clark has quite a resume in fashion photography, so we have had plenty to talk about.
I just never know what I may stumble across.

Stay tuned for more stumbles I come across at CLARK'S during future outings!
Or, go visit him yourself at 1517 Central AvenueCharlotteNC