I love research. 
Research of many kinds...

the science behind practically everything * effects of color on mood * anything regarding the human brain * the origin of Pilates * traits of the world's most influential people * etc

...but my favorite is the research I do for my clients.


For me, nothing trumps researching fashion. I'm a visual person and love flipping through images. Those work hours are when I have to ask myself, 
'Is this really my job!?' 
I look into the latest in trends, emerging designers, inspiration beyond fashion (musicians, home decor, etc), new websites or blogs, and industry news. 
I am always cutting out ads and the latest one that I came across I loved so much that 
I simply had to share it...



Edun's Spring/Summer 2012 debut ad campaign "Beautiful Rebels" tells the story of duality and transformation through the lens of photographer Ryan McGinley

I have a thing for butterflies, the symbol of change, but more than that they represent transformation...

To me, that is what life is all about. 
The constant quest to become a better person. 
To become a butterfly.

For me, it has been quite a journey. Two steps forward and like five backward, but those five steps inspire me to leap ten ahead. 

Check out EDUN's spring collection: edun.com