I was always told that my


was quite the fashion maven in her day, but I never really appreciated this statement. 
That is, until she passed away and we began to go through her belongings...

The earrings and broach on the left could easily be on the latest Prada ad

clip-on earrings make a comeback
Perfect for Fall. It will give any outfit a touch of feminine darkness.

Then, of course, there is Vanessa. Nanny's beloved wig. Whom now resides with SELBY STYLE and is sure to always have the latest and greatest headscarf.

I have never been a fan of vintage, but after seeing some of the fantastic things I was able to inherit from my Nanny, I have become somewhat of a vintage lover.

I love finding new interests and evolving!

You never know what may happen in the world of your personal fashion.
Its an adventure.