If you are looking for some fresh, new and unique jewelry (and much much more)... look no further than this amazing gallery near Park Road Shopping Center: 
"Jewelry and accessories that nourish the body and soul!"

They bring in jewelry from many different amazingly talented artists from all over... 

I simply love the little necklaces featured above with quotes written right beside them. 

My favorite:
 "Never Never Never Quit!" - Winston Churchill 

They are perfect for my jewelry mood right now, which is all about simplicity and meaning. For awhile, I couldn't get enough of the chunky necklaces, but now I've moved towards a "less is more approach".

My personal favorite is the work of the artist above, Yayoi Forest
Yayoi believes that her jewelry should be worn as a lucky charm. She will often use birds in flight or the tree of life to symbolize hope and happiness for the people that wear her jewelry...

Who knew a safety pin could be so chic?!

Even her graphics are beautiful and unique!

A few others...

This is definitely where I will be going for my Holiday shopping. 

Much more personal than a gift card!