People always tell you to "save the best for last", but as anyone who knows me will tell you, I do quite the opposite. I take more the approach of "take the best FIRST until its gone or you are sick of it 
...and worry about the rest later."

 Not exactly the best approach in some situations.

So, I'm in a constant battle with myself to practice this thing they call "delayed gratification". Well, needless to say its not happening tonight.

I was fortunate enough to spend some time this evening with one of the freshest faces at FRESH (superb boutique in the heart of Myers Park ), Brandee Dishner. She filled me in on the latest and greatest there. Don't worry, I have lots of photos to come, but I just HAD to share my favorites tonight...

I just couldn't SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST...

Heather Hawkins - simply the most amazing leather cuff I have seen.  The materials are so unique and the shimmer is fun, but subtle. Check her out! Apparently she's a local!

Need I say more?

Stay tuned for the full post coming next week from FRESH