I have decided to dedicate my Friday posts to 


Each week I will feature someone who stands tall and is always distinct from the rest. 
There are those who set out to do this intentionally,
 and then there are those who just... 


Vera Ventura immediately came to mind upon this decision.

 Vera is one of the most creative, kind and fiercely individual spirits I have ever come across. I have been inspired by her VERACIOUSNESS in all things for years now, 
but especially in her fearless approach to style.

More notably, she is an amazing videographer and photographer with an established
business of her own creation: Veracious Productions

When I meet with clients the first thing we do is go through a questionnaire, which is meant to help me get to know their personality, passions, uniqueness and quirks. This is by far my favorite part in the whole process. I love to learn about people, what drives them and what has made them who they are. 
Selfishly, I chose to ask Vera the questions from the questionnaire I most 
wanted to know the answers to...

What gives you passion and inspires you in life?

Growing spiritually and developing a larger capacity to love,
 forgive, and accept. Continual growth and expansion of my mind academically and spirituality. Meditation. Deep friendships. Travel.

Give me three words that describe your personal style.

Eclectic, vintage, and colorful

What experience has most shaped who you are?

* Exposed to the arts at a young age--I took dancing, music, and acting lessons.

* I moved away from home when I was 14 in order to live with my sister in NYC. I had an incredible amount of freedom, but also had to become somewhat responsible financially. 
*Joining a 12-step program 8 years ago and giving up mood altering drugs, 
alcohol, flour and sugar. 

She is hard to keep up with, but I can't wait to see where she takes life next!