It takes more than nice clothes to be stylish.
 From a distance anyone can look great, but the ones you remember are
the ones that glow from inside, and usually there is something a bit "off" or "unique"
about the way they dress and accessorize. 

If I had the time to make this an essay, I would go into the millions
and millions of different facets that make up an individual's personal style.
I mean, even the way a person thinks, negotiates, and writes, are all part of that individual's personal style. To me, it seems the ones that glow, seemingly because of the clothes they wear,
are the ones that are most in harmony with all parts of themselves, even the imperfect parts. Yet, they also know how to express that through their clothing, without reservation.

Sometimes that takes a little time, but when it happens,
 it is beautiful...



*Special thanks to Ari Seth Cohen, for the fantastic photos of these eternally stylish women of New York. Ari brings us fabulous posts on his widely popular blog on this very subject, Advanced Style. Make sure to follow him, so you can keep up with these ladies!


*this post is dedicated to my forever fashionable and deeply missed, Nanny.