This little consignment boutique, J.T. Posh, which is tucked away near Freedom Park in Charlotte, NC is a fashion lover's dream come true! 

High-end, modern designers at a fraction of the cost. 
Or, as I can surely tell you - a great place to make a little extra money from what is just hanging out and being ignored in your wardrobe. 
My clients keep J.T. Posh and I very close...
They are good friends to have!



Bernie Demore

  My very, very favorite JT stumble -
Elizabeth and James purple jumper.
       I am completely in love! Is it Spring, yet?

The jewelry is simply amazing and an amazing price point!
Black gems are my favorite - this week, anyway.

TIP - You have to be quick with anything you find here - they get snatched up fast! 
I'm sure you can see why.