A window display can speak volumes...


Capitol is in a class of its own regarding fashion in the South. If there is new talent or a new designer line- they know it - and already carry it!
However, what is impressive to me is that this isn't something they would tell you, advertise, or even something they seem to do with intention.
Instead, Capitol is fueled by curiosity, passion and authenticity.

It was an internship there that ignited my love affair with fashion.
I grew up intrigued by the industry, yet I held back because I believed the messages from our culture: that it was vein and superficial. Fashion as a whole seemed threatening
because of all the "do's and don't" rules and 'faux pas'. However,  it was the women of Capitol who taught me that fashion is simply an art-form and amazingly entertaining creative endeavor.

I love how they pulled this pajama trend and turned
 it into an amazingly modern and sophisticated look.

I practically picked this little lady up and took her home with me!

When I finally freed myself from the fashion "rules" and limitations that were stuck in my head, was when it became fun and fulfilling. I believe that is why Capitol's displays are always so eye-catching. They create them with no reservations. 
What beliefs do you hold onto that might be holding you back - in any area? 

I did finally make it upstairs to see the trunk show I had come to see. So many beautiful distractions!
Sure enough, Irene Neuwirth managed to amaze me with her latest creations - 
look for 'Capitol: Part II' later this week to see pictures of my favorite pieces.