The logo has been finalized! 

 I think. 

The poor graphic specialists along the way (there have been many) have been at the brunt of my neuroses. 
This would have to be the 20th time that I have made a 'decision' on choice in font. 
Finding the perfect shade of pink has been a whole other issue...
In the end, I did it my way. 

Maybe that is why I like fashion so much. 
There is no ONE decision to be made. 
It constantly changes. 

I change with it

I mean, it is just now really getting cold and I am already bored with the Fall fashion selections. 
Thankfully, I am in an industry that agrees. 
(Actually, they have moved onto Pre-Fall of next year, but I'm not that fast)
My absolute favorite collection for Spring is -


Without realizing it the colors used in my font are the same ones that Mr. Lam used in his Spring line! 

I'm not sure I will be wearing shorts quite that short, but they do look cute on her. I love brights paired with khaki and white. It gives them an extra POP without being obnoxious. 
I know some people can't stand this PJ trend, but I LOVE it.
 It was, in fact, my childhood dream to be able to wear my PJ's to school.

I haven't been big on pink in the past couple of years,
but I love this shade and the fact that it is used in a nicely cut, tailored suit.

Photos courtesy of Shopbop.com

So, for now, we have a decision on the font. 
Maybe I can just change the shades of color each season?
 That will keep it interesting and my boredom at bay...