I could spend days in this antique -mall? I suppose that is what you would call it. 
There must be over 100 separate vendors in one huge open area! 
Now that I have a place of my own to style however I please,
 the world (aka: Sleepy Poet), is my oyster!

This lightly plum colored chair has CLAWS!
I mean, come on, this is a must!!

Though, I say the world is my oyster, this is isn't entirely true. 
I do have quite the STYLISTA DILEMMA.
My cute little townhome has some amazingly 80's features-
 window-seat, built-in bookcases, skylight. 
However, it also has... 


I choose to see this as a challenge, though, and feel
 I have been able to conquer what I thought stylistically impossible!

*of course, there is more work and neurotic obsessing to do, always.

Here is a little piece of the wearable items at Sleepy Poet.
They are also known for unique old-school T-shirts and boots!

Now, I did actually go there with a work purpose...

I needed to find somewhere to consign python cowboy boots for one of my man clients...

This little gem is connected to Sleepy Poet and the lucky ones who have the boots! 
So, if you need a pair of cowboy boots with a little twist, look no further!

They also had a Coach purse that is now on my Spring LUST LIST

Don't worry, they had bags and shoes for the more conservative as well. 
Between the two shops, I'm not sure there was anything they didn't have!