Somehow, I have managed to never look inside of one of Charlotte, NC's longest standing and successful boutiques, which is located in Plaza/Midwood. In my mind, I had put it in a store that was too 'alternative' for my fashion tastes. However, this was only through outside indicators that I had determined this status, but while in desperate need of stylish and current male fashion for a client, I was led through their doors and was soon regretting that I had never been inside before...

I have done this throughout my life, quickly made judgements (good and bad) before actually examining what it is I am judging. As I approach 30, I have somehow naturally begun to let go of this and I am amazed at what happens when you do... 

Such as the amazing abundance of prints, color and jewelry in Boris & Natasha! 

The plethora of pieces they had in from French Connection were particularly exciting to me! 

The selection for male fashion was unreal too. 
Believe me, I have searched to city high and low for male pieces and accessories 
that are fresh, modern and have a little kick of EDGY to them... 

They even had male rings! I am loving the one with a black stone. 
Perfect for a guitarist who wants to make a statement as he plays...

The shoe collection was colorful and plentiful, as well. Another great thing about Boris and Natasha that I didn't realize was that their prices span a very wide range. There are items for $28 and then there are ones for above $200. There is a little something for everyone!

This is SUPER SALES-DUDE, Andrew. I asked him what his
3 word STYLE MANTRA is: "IT'S * JUST * ME'
I love it!!

The jewelry had to have been my FAVORITE! 


How cute is this little guy?!

I try to live my life with more of an open mind these days and it has allowed
 me to discover a whole new world. I am constantly asking myself  
"Are you sure you don't like this or that? Try it!" 
Sometimes I still don't, but sometimes I find a whole new part of me.

I encourage clients to do the same with their wardrobes and to follow what they are drawn to NOW as opposed to following some set idea of who they labeled themselves as being years ago.

That's when fashion becomes fun and not some chore you have to get "right". 
Things change and people evolve. I am simply there to help them express 
that change through their wardrobes.

*Thank you to Boris and Natasha for letting me explore. 

**I will definitely be back for my Spring jewelry desires!