Each week I feature someone who stands tall and is always distinct from the rest. 
There are those who set out to do this intentionally,
 and then there are those who just... 


My first encounter with Andrea Moreno was while we were both working a "seasonal" retail gig that pretty much consisted of folding clothes and asking customers to open credit cards...  not exactly one's dream job, but a melting pot of interesting people from all across the board. 

Andrea stood out to me because of the huge smile and energy she had, each day while the rest of us moaned and groaned about customers leaving messes in dressing rooms,
and the un-ending rejection of our credit card pitches.
She stood out as...




She did an awesome job at our first photoshoot together and even picked out a
few of her own outfits that radiate her personality to the outside world

Her style immediately registered to me as classic, preppy, but slightly different at the same time,
which is always intriguing to me.

It made me wonder where she had been and what had made up her life. 
What is it that influences that little bit of "different"?

I got a chance to find the answers to some of my questions...

When I meet with clients the first thing we do is go through a questionnaire, which is meant to help me get to know their personality, passions, uniqueness and quirks.
This is by far my favorite part in the whole process.
I love to learn about people, what drives them
and what has made them who they are. 

Andrea filled me in with the same
energy and enthusiasm 
that she portrays in everything she does..

What gives you passion and inspires you in life?

I want to be happy, travel, be a professional and have a family.
To me, that is personal success.

Give me three words that describe your personal style.


What experiences have most shaped who you are?

Having the opportunity to travel the world has been one of the greatest experiences in defining my life.  Traveling is such an amazing experience because it’s always a journey of self-discovery. With every trip you are faced with different challenges
 and you truly learn so much about yourself and life.

* Look for this lovely lady in a lot of Selby Style photoshoots. 
She definitely radiates what I have built the business upon.