Eddie Vedder and Fleetwood Mac are options too.
Whatever your favorite song or sound, can quickly become your best wall decor!

Discover your signature soundwaves...
 Discover your signature stars...

and  frame them as modern artwork in magnificent colors!!

Exactly how will you do this, might you ask?

"Modern canvas art with a personality and look as unique as you."

As soon as I came across the snippet about Vapor Sky on Facebook I was 
intrigued & excited 

...and felt that I definitely


How they make each and every piece of artwork personal to YOU, is that they will either depict the precise alignment of the stars and planets over a specific location, time, and date, that you choose, 
and then get it onto canvas in amazing colors.


 You can get their RESONANT DECOR, which displays the exact waveform of any sound you choose, in any vibrant color and size combination that speaks to YOU!  

For someone like me, who could spend hours and hours navigating through color options, this was a 


If I went with the STELLAR DECOR
what date would I pick?

I decided I would choose the date of my very first meeting with my first client and then hang it in my studio - it definitely needs some wall decor anyway!

What SOUND would I give the fantastic Vapor Sky guys?

I had to think about that one. 
I'm not much of a music buff, so I thought of other sounds that were meaningful to me. 
I decided that when the time comes to order my special piece, I would give them the sound of car wheels rolling along the interstate. There is something so soothing about that. 
Possibly, just the memory of being driven to school by Mom, looking out the window, dreaming of days to come without a care in the world. Well, aside from the MAJOR cares of my pre-teen life. 
Such as...
Where the heck can I find a pair of purple Doc Martens?
...don't worry!
 I have always been insanely persistent...
 I got them in a deep plum. 

Hey! They were cute at the time. I'd still rock 'em if they hadn't gotten swapped for Lisa's black pair.
One of my deeper regrets in life.
During all of this
color, star and sound research,

 it suddenly dawned on me that Vapor Sky would be a PERFECT fit 
for the arts portion of the
that myself and Tremont Music Hall will be hosting..

It also gave me an excuse to meet the men behind the madness...
 So, being curious about the story behind Vapor Sky, I took the opportunity
 to ask David Inman (Director of Operations) some questions...

What fueled the creation of Vapor Sky?

"Unemployment, a desire to own our own business, love of art & science."

What has been your most highly requested item?

"Resonant decor (sound waves)."

What's one of the most unexpected sound requests you've recieved?

"Toddlers saying 'I love you Mommy and Daddy'".

Vapor Sky is simply amazing and sell their work all around the world. Given the focus on personalization and individuality, we decided their pieces would be a great compliment to my wardrobe styling services, which are also deeply committed to individuality. 
Check out this link to see the details on our partner promotion:  

Be sure to check them out online and turn your favorite
 tunes and special moments into FANTASTIC DECOR!!