Each week I feature someone who stands tall and is always distinct from the rest. 
There are those who set out to do this intentionally,
 and then there are those who just...


a breath of fresh air in a city that was made of commonalities and stereotypes

... in my head, anyway.

 "In my head" being the key phrase. 

I had just moved to Greensboro, NC to study Interior Architecture 
However, I soon discovered that to truly flourish as an 
interior architect one must possess 

patience * high attention to detail * long attention span

Soooo, moving on... 
 turns out they also had a fantastic business school



Molly was one one of the first people I met. 

Tall. Beautiful. Kind. Genuine...
and I soon found out
 amazingly talented
with a voice that will peel the layers off an onion that you
 never knew you had.

 When planning for the MY FASHIONABLE FRIEND clothing swap, 
I realized this would be a great excuse to get her down here. 
I crossed my fingers and it worked! 

She sounded amazing, authentic, beautiful, care-free ...just as I had remembered. 
Of course, you know I also used this as an opportunity to ask her my special questions...

When I meet with clients the first thing we do is go through a questionnaire, 
which is meant to help me get to know their personality, passions, uniqueness and quirks. 

This is by far my favorite part in the whole process. I love to learn about 
people, what drives them and what has made them who they are. 

What gives you passion and inspires you in life?

" It comes from many different places. In songwriting, it's usually something that I'm going through, some kind of life lesson sitting me down in a 
chair and asking for my full attention.

Then I'll find myself thinking about something I'd heard at a Artists Talk at the Weatherspoon Museum, or one of the live lunch WUNC 
broadcasts here at Triad Stage. 

Most recently it was the concept of "Fantastical Realism," 
and I tried to write a song incorporating that concept. 

Otherwise, North Carolina inspires me. 
So does my first hometown, Dodge City, Kansas.

As for fashion, I've always been inspired by a handsome definition of femininity; a French-approach to effortless and classic dressing;
 and the Irish tweed blazers and knits." 

Molly has this on her website and a few of her other social media spots.
 She truly radiates this phrase without saying a word.
I always feel lighter after being around her.

Give me three words that describe your 
personal style.

" Irish. Tomboy. North Carolina. "

What experiences have most shaped who you are?

"The first would be learning to play guitar from my Dad. The second would be a heartbreak, 9 years ago. It changed everything. And the third would be today; I try to let today teach me what I need to be the person I'm supposed to become. It doesn't always work that way, but I try."

I hope to find another excuse to get her down again soon!